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All kinds of balloon decorations are different

2018/8/2      view:

1.Heart-shaped balloon: the heart-shaped balloon is the easiest to use at a wedding. It can express love with the shape of love. It is mostly used to decorate or decorate the wedding background wall.

2.Letter balloon: letter balloon is actually a kind of aluminum film balloon, it is different from the normal balloon form, it is presented in letters, usually used to decorate the background wall, or a group of people interact to take pictures together.

3.Printing balloons: printing balloons are more popular abord than China, most printed letters, sentences, but also printed patterns or graphics, such as cartoon patterns, or wave points, stripes, geometry, printing, decorative.

Our company has invested high-technology equipment of balloon printing machine and balloon dipping machine,the machine exported to Japan,Spain,Egypt,South Africa,etc.

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