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TF-BP5S  Balloon Printing Machine


Technical parameters:
1. Machine szie : L9.0m,  W1.2m,  H1.7m
2. Motor power: 2.2KW
3. Output:2200- 2400Pcs/Hr
4. Air pressure:0.8MPa
5. Air consumption :0.6m³/Hr
 Accessory Equipment: air compressor

 Technical  standards:
1. Flexible operation,no jam         
2. The pattern is printing high-resolution,The joint error of the five sides isn’t over 2mm
3. Length of the machine 9500mm,W 1000mm,H 1500mm
4. The chain length 18.288m,288joint,overall length 36.576m,in total 576 joint
5. Stations 72, 2A/S, 2Second/S,  40A/M,  2400A/H
6. 8hours 19200articles

Quanzhou Taifeng Machine Technicl Co., Ltd. Balloon printing machine is a multifunctional configuration rotary automatic screen printing machine, computerized central control system is a man-machine interface, touch screen, all the operating functions are displayed in a graphic input instructions. Machine adopts imported servo motor drive, and the overall stability is strong, adapt to all kinds of printing process requirements, and ensure the printing accuracy + / - 0.05 mm. The machine components of the various agencies are through strict quality control production processes, minimum maintenance, failure to zero, simple maintenance, to provide customers the best quality, the most economical, the most practical, the most reliable, the most satisfactory printing machinery products.

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