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Quanzhou Taifeng Machine Technical Co., Ltd was founded in 2013 as manufacturer in Quanzhou China. The factory is located in Fujian province in China and covers land of 17,000 square meters, of which 10,000 square meters is for workshop, warehouse and office building etc. After many years’ development, Taifeng has been keeping development, and now is booming the business worldwide to Japan, Spain, India, Egypt, Mauritius, Indonesia, Colombia, South Africa, etc.

  To guarantee quality and reliable products to the customers, Taifeng has invested huge amount to high-technology equipment of Cigarette paper folding machine, Cigarette paper gluing printing and cutting machine, Facial tissue paper making machine, Napkin paper making machine, Toilet and kitchen rolling paper making machine, Automatic soft ceramic tile production line, Latex gloves production line, medical gloves, latex gloves production line machine, examination gloves, balloon printing machine, Balloon dipping production line, Household gloves production line, industrial gloves production line of PVC beads machine, half dipping machine, grinding room, spray paint room. Meanwhile, Taifeng firmly complies with ISO and CE standard for the whole process of production and company management.

  To keep the pace of fierce market competition and customers’ requirements improvement, Taifeng has already set “Customers Value Oriented, Exceed Customer Requirements” as core value of the company. All the employee and management of Taifeng work together to bring about commercial value to the customers worldwide, to help them to realize sustainable development.

  Taifeng crew will always walk on the way with our customers to gain mutually beneficial cooperation, for a win-win future.

Quanzhou Taifeng Machine Technical Co., Ltd. 

Sales manager : William Chou


Tel/Fax: 86-595-22861356

Email:[email protected]

Web :http://www.qzyjkj.com/English/

Address:No.22 Chuangzao Road, Photoelectric Information Industry Base, Nanan City,Fujian Province,China

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